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Our Founders

Kelly Tarr

Kelly believes that the purpose of life is to become the best version of yourself. 

"I am excited because I believe The Herbalist will give people the chance to become more effective in everything they do, naturally."

Kelly has a background as a personal trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur and is passionate about helping people find balance and ultimate effectiveness through a lifestyle choice that will result in ultimate fulfilment. 

To find out more subscribe to Monthly Coaching for 24/7 contact with Kelly or to our Newsletter and Kelly will send you all the tools that you need in bite size pieces.


Kyle Barrett

Kyle was born with numerous food allergies and battled with his health and immunity from the ages of 12-20. After much research he took his health into his own hands, taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, shortly after he discovered Moringa and its benefits, Kyle fell in love with the world of natural healing and has not been sick for years due to his research and understanding of proper nutrition and supplementation.

He spends majority of his free time working on his vision for helping make the world a better place. He is passionate about nature, living life to the fullest and discovering the best possible natural supplements that can have a positive impact on peoples lives. 

He is certified in the Natural Medicine and Herbalist Industry, through The Hyamson Institute of Herbalism.

"We cannot be well without herbs, I personally learnt that pharmaceuticals did nothing but make my immune system and health weaker. I started building my foundation of health with herbs and have never been stronger and healthier." 

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How long does shipping take?

We have 2 options:


Our Standard Economy Shipping takes 1-5 business days. (Generally takes 2-3 days)

Express Shipping:

Our Express shipping option takes 1-2 business days. (Generally takes 1 day)

Shipping Cost:

Economy: R65 Nationwide

Express Shipping: R149.99

Please Note: At this time we can only ship in South Africa 🇿🇦

However if you are from another country, please reach out to us on whatsapp or email and we will try and make a plan.

Payment Options

1. Credit & Cheque Cards

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

2. Instant EFT:

Instant EFT allows you to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

3. Zapper:

Zapper is a free ‘scan to pay’ app that makes payments convenient and secure for online shoppers.

4. MobiCred

Mobicred is a simple & convenient credit facility that allows you to safely shop online. Your Mobicred account allows you to make one single monthly payment for all your purchases with a revolving credit limit.

5. Normal EFT

Please see "How to do a Normal EFT?" in the Questions Section.

How to do a Normal EFT?

Please contact us on 0748820903, 0636579916 or at info@theherbalist.co.za so that we can generate an invoice for you.


How Subscriptions Work

Order your Subscription:

Subscription products can with other subscription products, please do not order any once-off products along with subscription products.

If you would like to order a non subscription product along with your subscription so that you do not have to pay for shipping twice, please contact us.

Your Order will then be Processed on the Same Day of Every Month:

Please note that if your order happens to be processed on a weekend, your order will be shipped on Monday morning.

Cancel Anytime after the First 32 Days


Please click here to see our refund policy.

Where are You Based?

We manufacture our products in Durban, South Africa. However if you want to find our products in a physical store near you, please visit the Retail Stores page

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